Ocinium Journal

  • Intelligent Methods For Reducing Skin Pigmentation

    Posted on March 05 2018

    Unwanted pigmentation is one of the most common skincare concerns, plaguing countless women globally. Pigmentation can be difficult to remove, however its appearance can be greatly reduced by following a...

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  • How Hydration Can Provide That Translucent Glow

    Posted on February 26 2018

    Hydration is absolutely essential for the normal functioning of the skin and is carefully regulated by the complex nature of the outer layer of the skin known as the stratum...

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  • Do Antioxidants Really Brighten Skin?

    Posted on February 20 2018

    Most of us know that without adequate protection from harsh external aggressors such as the sun and environmental pollution, the skin will start to show signs of dullness, age spots...

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  • Discover Retinol; The Ultimate Intelligent Ingredient

    Posted on February 12 2018

    Backed by years of research and countless studies, retinol continues to reign superior when it comes to banishing wrinkles, fine lines, oversized pores, hyperpigmentation and more. A derivative of Vitamin...

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  • What Does Skin Identical Mean?

    Posted on February 05 2018

    Including skin identical ingredients into your daily routine is one if the best things you can do for your skin, increasing the skin’s ability to renew, refine and repair for...

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Alpha Hydroxy Acids

    Posted on January 29 2018

    While they may sound intimidating, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, more commonly know as AHAs, are deserving of a place in everyone’s skincare routine. Highly effective at improving skin texture, softening wrinkles...

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