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Beauty Trends 2017

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Bespoke and organic beauty brands will continue to challenge our senses with sensual aesthetics and responsive technologies that reveal natural beauty through a new style of luxury in packaging, fragrance and ingredient performance.

Skincare trends will often form parallels between food and beauty and what has been trending in the East for centuries is finally making it way to beauty in Australia. While fermentation is not a new concept to Asian brands who have been using this technology for many years, we are beginning to see technologies such as bio-fermentation of natural and organic ingredients merge into organic skincare brands as we strive to get more out of the performance of organic skincare. The process of fermentation increases both enzyme activity, antioxidant levels, skin loving amino acids, probiotics and vitamins in a nutrient dense form that is higher than the unfermented counterparts.

Ocinium’s Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse (Release February 2017) layers four levels of fermentation through pure vegan sourced fermented hyaluronic acid, fruit ferments, coconut fermented preservative and naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy fruit acids packing a powerful punch of antioxidant and nutrition benefit for your skin. 

Cassandra, Founder


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