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High performance skincare, backed by clinical science that is both luxurious and organic and therefore free of the toxicity of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens......isn't that what every woman deserves? 



Inspiring natural beauty without the toxicity, the organic ethos of this brand seamlessly fuses health, wellness and beauty to create a unique range of organic and eco-luxe cosmeceutical skincare that is based on purity and performance of ingredients.

Ocinium skincare is formulated with clinical actives (known as cosmeceuticals), potent anti-oxidants and botanical extracts, identified and scientifically proven for benefits in skin and in age-defiance. 

Ocinium products are all created in house and are micro-batched enabling complete control of the entire process.  There is no outsourcing of exisiting base products and we approach each product individually with unique formulation. We have chosen to exclude ingredients that are not within our companies’ ethos of organic and these include cosmeceutical peptides, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, GMOs, phthalates et al. 



Founder of Ocinium, Cassandra Hilton, has a passion and background in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine that has strongly influenced the brands development into organic cosmeceuticals.  Meticulous about details and research, a self professed research nerd, Cassandra developed a clinical range of skincare with principles of green chemistry and cosmetic science. 


Cassandra Hilton
Founder, Naturopath, Phytotherapist and Beauty Expert



Combining her knowledge of the benefits of organics with advancements in research, technologies and cosmetic science, Cassandra has created a holistic range that is authentic to organic principles and ethos.  

Cassandra’s passion for organic skincare continues to intensify along with the global cosmetic movement into organics, where naturally derived skincare is now rivaling the performance of conventional cosmetics without compromising on the purity, performance or safety of ingredients.

Having identified a key gap in the cosmetic market for eco-luxe cosmeceuticals,  the objective was then to increase the efficacy of organic skincare and the performance of ingredients beyond the smell good and feel good reputation often associated with organics. This is reflected in our product  range of skincare that is based on performance, purity and transparency of ingredients. 



Ocinium products are timelessly preserved within recyclable violet glass. This unique glass employs biophotonic technology that enables the penetration of UV-A and violet light to stimulate cellular activity and continue to activate and energise the ingredients within while filtering out the complete spectrum of visible light. This maintains the potency of our formulations at a high level over an extended period of time. 

Ocinium has a minimalist approach to packaging and has implemented waterless and paperless printing processes for labelling onto recyclable biophotonic glass thereby limiting and reducing our environmental footprint. Products are individually hand wrapped in recycled tissue paper, eliminating the need for excess eternal packaging and then hand sealed for transport.  



We exercise our commitments to both your health and the sustainability of the planet through carefully selecting both organic and natural ingredients and manufacturing processes that are approved for use in certified organic skincare.

Our products and the ingredients within our formulations are not tested on animals at any stage of product research or development. With the exception of the inclusion of beeswax within our Luxe Lip Balm formulation, all ingredients are vegan friendly. 



Ingredients within our cosmetic range are organic or approved non organic cosmetic ingredients acceptable for use in certified organic cosmetics. Ingredients that are certified organic are asterixed * on labelling and displayed on our website. Each product has been formulated so they are suitable for “organic certification” and we are in the process of application for certification. We are currently a non-certified organic brand. All products within the range are formulated free of synthetic ingredients and processes that are clearly stated as “not permitted” for use within an organic product for certification. This includes but is not limited to genetic modification, phalates, parabens, sulphates and glycols. 

We welcome any enquiry or concern on any product or ingredient within our formulations that you may have. 



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