Intelligence advanced beyond clean beauty

Intelligent Skincare ®

We believe every product down to its very DNA should be intelligently formulated to meet our ethos of efficacy, integrity, transparency, ethics and sustainability. This philosophy of ours touches every step in the process, from how we source our ingredients, to the percentage of organic and natural ingredients, to EWG ratings for your safety, right through to what happens to your product's packaging at the end of its lifecycle.

Our initiatives stem from a responsibility to do the best that we can for your health and our planet. 

We’ve harnessed the natural beautifying power of plants to create supremely effective and efficient skincare routines with clinically proven results.

We go above and beyond to sustainably source the organic and natural ingredients in each product, using advanced plant science to maximise the potential of each formulation. 

Intelligent Ingredients

Unearthing the most potent plant-based ingredients takes us all around the world. We believe in super-effective, clinically proven, plant-based ingredients and source these through fair trade and sustainable partners. We source over 200 ingredients from seeds, sea, cells, plants, fruits—because nature provides us the beauty we need.

Sourcing only the purest, highest-performing ingredients from all corners of the world using only advanced, highly sustainable and ethical methods. We require 90% of our ingredient inventory to be comprised of plant-based ingredients, including butters, esters, waxes, emollients, humectants, resins, and seed oils. Our goal is to have a minimum of 70% natural content in each product. 


There is no doubt the beauty industry is full of secrets! Transparency around performative skincare is paramount. Thats why we’re putting transparency front & center on every product—and driving the need for enhanced product transparency in the industry.

Clean beauty is a term used very frequently yet there is no clear definition of what that actually means. More than two-thirds of woman want increased transparency. Thats why we have implemented transparency on the percentage of active ingredients, total percentage of natural and organic ingredients, EWG ratings of safety for individual ingredients and sustainability messaging across all products and packaging. 

At Ocinium we value reducing the toxic burden on our bodies and the planet and 90% of our ingredients have a 1-2 ranking with the remaining 10% ranking 3-6.


The level of toxicity always depends on the dose and on the individual; for example, a glass of water is safe, a tidal wave is not. In addition, while a healthy body can easily process and eliminate different chemicals/toxins from their bodies, many health conditions may impede this natural ability, resulting in toxic buildup. This can potentially further exacerbate the effect of the toxin on the body. Fragrance in cosmetics is sometimes used as a loophole to hide toxic ingredients.

Nothing to hide here, at Ocinium, this is why we disclose every ingredient, the % of natural, the % organic, the % natural derived and skin identical actives, even our "trade-secret" aromas. 

In addition, because we believe toxicity is dose dependent, we choose ingredients with low toxicity concern when possible to reduce overall burden on the body and the environment.


Our infinitely recyclable, glass cosmetic bottles reduce impact by 13% compared to plastic bottles. Most plastic bottles used in skincare products never end up being recycled.

Our box packaging is fine watercolour art-paper stock from FSC certified environmentally responsible paper from virgin fibres. Print dyes are both mineral, oil free, we use vegetable (soy) based inks and our paper stock is uncoated.

Our logo is embellished with recyclable black foil. The glue used in construction of our cosmetic box packaging is biodegrade. Our box is 100% recyclable, with no chemical coatings, which means our boxes will degrade naturally.

Ocinium mailers re-usable and are home compostable. Unlike traditional shipping mailers, these are NOT made from plastic. Our mailers are made from mostly plant-based materials such as PLA and a certified compostable material called PBAT. Best of all our mailers also have a re-usable strip so you can repurpose their use. 

Ocinium closures, pumps and caps are made from recyclable polypropylene (PP), dip tubes are composed of polypropylene/polyurethane (PP/PE), glass droppers are composed of glass and teat on droppers is composed of TPE.

Ocinium is not just about looking good today.
It’s about having a brighter, more beautiful tomorrow. Thank you for joining us on this journey to make beauty better for all.