Skincare Regimes – AM vs PM

March 16 2017 – Cassandra Hilton

Skincare Regimes – AM vs PM
Skincare Regimes – AM vs PM

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive at Ocinium is when and how to use our range of products. The truth is there is no right or wrong way, or a one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare. Layering Ocinium products is safe thanks to our commitment to pure & organic ingredients. We have designed the range to be interchangeable so each user can create an individual ritual that suits their unique needs. Often our personal routines are perfected over time so enjoy the experimentation until you find your perfect combination!



Purpose: small molecular size of skin identical actives enables effective penetration allowing it to target specific skin concerns

Application: Gently pat onto slightly moist skin following cleansing

Use: Alone or under a facial oil or cream for extra hydration

Facial oils

Purpose: Delivery of skin identical lipids and to balance sebum production and lock in moisture, botanical constituents add targeted effects.

Application: Gently press into skin, the bounce-back motion draws in the oil

Use: Alone; over serum or moisturizer; or even over makeup for a dewy look


Purpose: provide barrier protection, lightweight hydration and delivery of replenishing nutrients to smooth and soften complexion.

Application: Apply gently and in upward motions to stimulate circulation

Use: Alone, under sunscreen or as a finishing layer over your serum

Removing any build-up of excess oil, pollution and make-up allows active ingredients to penetrate more effectively so always cleanse before applying any of above - Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse


Sun comes up…

The AM is all about refreshing from the night before and protecting our skin from daily environmental stressors such as environmental pollution and UV radiation. Serums can provide a layer of active ingredients that work whilst you go about your day whilst creams and facial oils can provide additional moisture and protect the skin by creating a barrier to external influences.

Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant activity to protect us from UV light and pollution, boosts collagen and elastin production, reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage, improves skin tone and smooth’s texture - Luminosity Vitamin C Serum.

Vitamin B3 – regulates sebum production, reduces inflammation to restore calmness and clarity, balances skin’s immune response to promote repair and improves the appearance of large pores – Immortelle B3 Serum.

Sun goes down…

The PM is all about washing away the environmental insults of the day whilst focusing on nocturnal repair, collagen synthesis and promoting cellular renewal. The layering of nutrient-rich products onto the skin is an important way of delivering active ingredients whilst you sleep as they are not impacted by daytime interference and activity. Serums are great here as they deliver concentrated levels of actives to target specific skin issues. A facial oil or cream may be applied on top to deliver a layer of intense hydration and lock in the active ingredients beneath.

Vitamin A/Retinol – stimulates cell renewal and collagen production, reduces hyperpigmentation and photo-damage, protects against oxidative stress, refines and renews skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – Elemental A+C+E Serum.

Vitamin E – hydrates by preventing trans-epidermal water loss, repairs skin by boosting collagen production and protecting existing collagen, protects against oxidative stress - Green Tea & Ginseng Facial Oil.

Our Founder, Cassandra is currently loving:

I always start my day with Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse, usually followed by Immortelle B3 Serum and Metamorphis Multivitamin Cream. At night I leave Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing for a deeper enzymatic cleanse, followed by Elemental A+C+E Serum topped with Green Tea + Ginseng Facial Oil.