Ocinium Journal

  • Causes of pigmentation and how to prevent pigmentation on face

    Posted on August 14 2018

    Most of us know that without adequate protection from environmental aggressors such as the ultra-violet radiation (UVR) and pollution, our skin will start to show signs of increased blotchiness, darkening...

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  • What happens to your skin while you sleep

    Posted on August 02 2018

    Your skin’s needs and behaviours are influenced by our body clocks and vary drastically during the day compared to overnight. Skincare products that have been designed and well formulated for...

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  • Debunking DIY Skincare Recipes

    Posted on July 25 2018

    With the explosion of DIY skincare tips all over YouTube, Pinterest and blogs, DIY skincare has seen us experiment with a range of natural skin care ingredients for at home skincare...

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  • Can pollution and blue light effect the skin

    Posted on May 28 2018

    Protecting your skin against atmospheric villains is paramount when it comes to maximising your skin’s capacity to achieve a healthy, youthful complexion. Everyday our skin is exposed to an array...

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  • Essential Oils: Everything You Need To Know

    Posted on May 21 2018

    Essential oils are present in a high volume of cosmetic products from serums and moisturisers to cleansers and toners. These natural compounds have a somewhat controversial reputation, however we’re here...

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  • 6 benefits of Aloe vera for skin

    Posted on May 14 2018

    Aloe vera is the oldest medicinal herbal plant ever known and the most used medicinal plant worldwide, rightly earning its position as “the plant of immortality” with its medicinal use...

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