How Hydration Can Provide That Translucent Glow

February 26 2018 – Cassandra Hilton

How Hydration Can Provide That Translucent Glow
How Hydration Can Provide That Translucent Glow

Hydration is absolutely essential for the normal functioning of the skin and is carefully regulated by the complex nature of the outer layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum (SC). Hydration influences both physical and mechanical properties of the skin with the interplay between molecular dynamics, structure and water uptake of the SC. But how does this correspond to brighter skin?

When hydrated the SC appears plump and smooth with a natural translucent glow. The explanation of this is the ability of light to penetrate through the SC of skin that is well hydrated with translucency increasing the light penetration into the deeper skin layers when the skin is moisturised.

The retention of water in the SC is dependent on two major components: natural moisturising factors and intercellular lipids that when orderly arranged, form a barrier to transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most powerful ingredients recognised in the skincare industry on account of its ability to attract and hold moisture within the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring sugar molecule within the extracellular matrix of our skin where it absorbs and traps water from the surrounding environment to immediately hydrate skin, plumping up water-loss related wrinkles. Aside from the ability to hydrate skin it will also assist in maintaining the skins elasticity and regenerate the skins damaged barrier, assisting the skin to repair itself and reducing inflammatory responses, acting as a protectant to the external environment. This powerful sugar molecule also acts like an osmotic pump assisting water-soluble active ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of the skins matrix. It has been identified as an essential IT-moisturising ingredient for translucent and healthy skin.

Despite the myth of containing high levels of Vitamin C, rosehip oil’s brightening benefits are due to the naturally occurring polyphenol compounds known as proanthocyanidins, that inhibit melanogenesis, reducing the formation of pigmentation and therefore brightening skin.

Rich in essential fatty acids, the high-unsaturated fatty acid composition of rosehip oil enables it to penetrate the skin easily to support the formation of ceramides, important structural lipids of the epidermal barrier. They have a vital role in regulating skin elasticity and maintaining skin moisture by preventing TEWL. This ensures that the surface retains a smooth appearance that imparts a subtle radiating glow. Cold pressed and organic rosehip oil has the highest level of phenolic compounds and antioxidants, as these are not destroyed during manufacturing.

Another ingredient that plays an important role in maintaining hydration and balance within the skin is glycerine. An essential component found naturally within the skin, glycerine is a humectant that mimics the skin’s natural moisturising factors, strengthening the skin’s external barrier to prevent TEWL and extend the longevity of any hydrators applied to the skin. For those seeking a brighter, more luminous complexion, this intelligent skincare ingredient is essential. If the skin’s barrier is compromised, not only is aging accelerated but pathogens, bacteria and pollution can get into the pores and disrupt the skin, causing irritation, inflammation, redness and breakouts. With the barrier protected and strengthened, the skin naturally becomes healthy and brighter.

When it comes to selecting skincare for attaining brighter skin, considered formulations with intelligent skincare ingredients that double duty in hydration and brightening will fast track you to translucent skin.

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