Evidence-Backed Skincare Resolutions

December 18 2017 – Cassandra Hilton

Evidence-Backed Skincare Resolutions
Evidence-Backed Skincare Resolutions

With the New Year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your current skincare practices and adopt results-led habits that will ensure this upcoming year is your skin’s best ever.

One of the most effective means of ensuring your skin looks its best is being aware of what ingredients are most beneficial for your skin. This will help you select products that are aligned to your skincare concerns and see greater results from your skincare routine.

The verdict and clinical evidence is unanimous when it comes to antioxidants. Antioxidant ingredients reign supreme and should be present in your daily cream and serums. With oxidative stress and free radical damage presenting themselves as one of the leading causes of modern skin damage, antioxidants double duty in age-defiance to neutralise free radicals, accelerate collagen production and increase the skin’s renewal processes for a more youthful, smooth appearance.

Research indicates that topically applied antioxidants to the outermost layers of the epidermis increase tissue saturation and have a high bioavailability to the skin over nutritional supplements or dietary intakes, however don’t skimp on fruits and vegetables as these assist plasma and tissue concentrations of these essential nutrients plus many others crucial for healthy functioning skin.

Antioxidant saviours come together to work in synergy with each other to produce impressive results in our Elemental A+C+E Serum. Vitamin A, also known as retinol is one of the most potent ingredients for cellular turnover and collagen arrangement, preventing the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles and refining the skins appearance. Vitamin C promotes collagen formation and inhibits pigmentation associated with UV damage and the formation of sun spots. Vitamin C is particularly effective at reducing oxidative damage to the skin when it is used in conjunction with vitamin E, recycling this important lipid soluble radical scavenger and limiting oxidative damage to cell membranes.

For those seeking to adopt new skincare resolutions, we would recommend the avoidance of products containing parabens, mineral oils and petrochemicals. These occlusive ingredients do not offer any advantage to the skin and impede fatty acid synthesis in the epidermis and natural regeneration of the skin.

Along with using a potent serum, introducing a facial oil into your routine is a wonderful way to attain naturally healthy skin. Many people fear adding an oil into their skincare routine, as they mistakenly believe that their skin will become oily or occlusive and lose the ability of the skin to breath. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, plant derived oils are familiar substances for the skin, integrating into the triglyceride balance of the skin to influence the skins barrier. These essential fatty acids assist in natural ceramide formation and provide components that are structurally related to skin identical cholesterol, substituting it if necessary. Locking in moisture and nourishing the skin, facial oils provide the skin with instantaneous moisture it needs without the greasy shine, in order to maintain a strong and smooth surface barrier that resists assault from free radicals, pollution, UV radiation and more.

Our Papaya + Pomegranate Facial Oil refines the skin with nourishing moisture that assists with maintaining an even-toned, smooth and glowing skin surface. Formulated with papaya fruit extract and pomegranate seed oil, this luxurious oil rich in naturally occurring polyphenols and vitamin E, regenerates skin cells to support collagen and elastin production. With the internal skin structure supported, smoother and brighter skin emerges for an age defiant appearance.

By making a few simple tweaks to your current skincare routine, you can ensure that you achieve a revitalised, more youthful appearance that will resist damage and bounce back from external stressors.

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