Beauty Cabinet Detox: The Secret To Revealing Brighter Skin

January 22 2018 – Cassandra Hilton

Beauty Cabinet Detox: The Secret To Revealing Brighter Skin
Beauty Cabinet Detox: The Secret To Revealing Brighter Skin

With the New Year in full swing, it’s time to re-evaluate your current skincare routine and discover how you can achieve an effortless glow by introducing new products into your skincare routine and eliminating those that have no benefit to your skin’s health.

The secret to beautiful skin is to align yourself as close as possible with the use of skincare ingredients that are designed to work with your skin and its natural physiology. Skin identical ingredients are a natural composition of the skin’s matrix and are therefore readily accepted into the epidermis and dermis where they can target specific cells to regenerate and promote healthy skin.

Skin identical ingredients consist of squalane, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, amino acids and ceramides to name a few. Considered formulations that contain an arrangement of intelligent skincare ingredients to deliver essential compounds to the skin effectively will promote healthy skin.

Ultraviolet rays, smoking, pollution, stress, and other factors wreak havoc in the skin by producing free radicals that degenerate and break down collagen fibres, the essential building blocks supporting the skin’s structural matrix which is designed to protect us from the external environment and ensure skin is functioning optimally.

When it comes to antioxidant protection, collagen production and brightening benefits, few ingredients are as powerful as Vitamin C. This antioxidant powerhouse neutralises damaging free radicals and specifically targets discoloration, dark spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C is also known for its ability to filter out UV rays and prevent them from coming into contact with the skin. UV radiation is a primary cause of skin damage, harming your skin’s DNA and rendering your skin less able to defend itself, resulting in the emergence of wrinkles, pigmentation and other common imperfections.

To reinstate the skin’s epidermal antioxidant balance, consider adding an antioxidant rich serum with the brightening power of Vitamin C. Our Luminosity Vitamin C Serum offers a range of brightening benefits with intelligent skincare ingredients in formulation including lipid soluble Vitamin C, natural Vitamin E, olive derived squalane, glycerine, vegan hyaluronic acid and panthenol infused in cold pressed rosehip oil for an effective formulation that increases collagen production and reduces collagen degradation for smooth and luminous appearance.

Choosing organic and natural ingredients that eliminate exposure to phthalates, parabens, sulphates, nanoparticles, formaldehyde, polyethylene glycol’s (PEG’s), petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances is your best bet to reduce potential consequences of irritation, inflammation and skin damage.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of skin brightening intelligent ingredients? Our Brighten & Illuminate Discover Set gives you the opportunity to explore our brightening products to see what suits your skin best!