The benefits of fermented skincare

October 20 2016 – Cassandra Hilton

The benefits of fermented skincare
The benefits of fermented skincare

From sauerkraut to kefir, fermented foods have long been known for their gut-health promoting properties and immune-boosting abilities, so it’s hardly surprising that it only took a matter of time before the industry used this knowledge and applied it to skincare. Fermentation and fermented skincare is all about powerful fermented ingredients that literally feed your face with nourishing goodness. 

The Facts

So, what exactly are fermented ingredients? Simply put, “Fermented skincare uses ingredients made using fermentation. The process of fermentation is one in which a substance is broken down into a simpler substance by microorganisms like yeast or bacteria,” explains Cassandra Hilton, founder of Ocinium. “Fermentation occurs in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic conditions), and in the presence of beneficial microorganisms (yeasts, molds, and bacteria) that obtain their energy through fermentation. During the fermentation process, these beneficial microbes break down sugars and starches into alcohols and acids.”

The Benefits

Now for even better news – fermented ingredients can mean more bang for your buck, as experts argue ingredients are at the most powerful post-fermentation, they become bio-available, meaning the skin can absorb and put them to use more easily and that they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

The fermentation of plant-based ingredients can produce other natural postbiotics that are rich in vitamins, amino acids, lactic acid, and polysaccharides. These are beneficial for nourishing the skin and preserving the microbiome.

In a nutshell – fermented skincare can help tackle everything from signs of ageing to dullness, dryness, and inflammation – and faster and more effectively than their non-fermented counterparts.

Need to Know

Fermentation processes create some major players in the skincare ingredients game, including alpha hydroxy acids and probiotics, which pack a serious nutrient-rich punch for skin and hyaluronic acid, glycerine well known humectants to plump and smooth glowing skin. 

Fermented skincare can be used on most types of healthy skin. If someone has a pre-existing skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, fermented skincare can actually benefit sensitive skin. Like with any new product you introduce into your routine, always make sure you check the label for any harmful ingredients or additives that might stress out your skin.

Add to Cart

If you’re looking to up your skincare game with the addition of hardworking and effective fermented ingredients, then below is a good place to start. Discover our top five fermented beauty boosters, guaranteed to transform your skin from within.

Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Cleanse

This innovative cleanse harnesses the brand’s revolutionary preservative system which uses three fermented ingredients and five fermented organic acids to support skin barrier function and its delicate microbiome. This universal cleanser is supercharged with a brightening blend of antioxidants, papaya enzymes, fruit acids and probiotics which gently exfoliate skin, to remove impurities and pollution. 

Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream
Not only does this daily moisturiser deliver an intense hit of hydration and antioxidants for the face, but it also harnesses the brand’s fermented ingredients of hyaluronic acid and glycerine to support skin barrier function and its delicate microbiome. Hyaluronic acid provides hydrating benefits to the surface of the skin up by 60% and stimulates dermal fibroblast migration and proliferation to support collagen production and strengthen the skins barrier. There’s softening and moisturising glycerin to boost elasticity and restore the skins lipid barrier against irritation and redness.