21st Century Insomnia

April 12 2017 – Cassandra Hilton

21st Century Insomnia
21st Century Insomnia

Beauty sleep is scientifically recognised as a key agent in our fight against ageing and disease. The saying 'written all over your face' is well suited to the effects of sleep deprivation, with dark circles, puffiness and a weary grey face being tell-tale signs. We've all been there. Studies even claim that sleep deprived people are perceived as less healthy and less attractive. Furthermore, women are 40% more likely than men to suffer from sleep problems thanks to the fluctuation of female hormones.

Lifestyle induced insomnia is a result of our 24/7 lifestyles driven by demanding careers, busy social lives, travel and technology. Stress and blue light from tablets and smart phones (think of all those hours spent at night time scrolling through your Instagram, emails and eBooks) can un-synchronize and inhibit our natural biological rhythms and nocturnal repair cycle highlighting the importance of night time rituals to wind down.

As early as dusk the skins rhythm moves into repair mode with the 'mopping up' of the day’s environmental aggressors, an important first step in the renewal process that intensifies the activity of Growth Hormone & fibroblast activity throughout the night boosting collagen synthesis and promoting cellular renewal.

Cortisol levels naturally decline overnight, making way for an increase in the sleep inducing and anti-ageing hormone, Melatonin. In those who suffer insomnia, research indicates that cortisol levels are heightened which is a key contributor to impaired melatonin release.

Establishing a night time ritual that begins with cleansing is essential to remove unrelenting external aggressors of urban pollution, dirt, grime and make-up that have accumulated through the day  - Ecdysis Bio-ferment Enzyme Cleanse.

The layering of nutrient-rich products onto clean skin is an important way of delivering active ingredients whilst you sleep as they are unopposed by daytime interference and activity. Serums are perfect here as they deliver concentrated levels of actives that can target specific skin issues - Elemental ACE Serum. Hydrators such as facial oils and creams boost and retain moisture and protect the skins natural barrier function – Metamorphis Multivitamin Cream, Green Tea & Ginseng Facial Oil.

A healthy night time ritual of wind down and relaxation combined with Ocinium skincare will ensure you awaken with a rosy glow!

Cassandra Hilton, Founder, Beauty Expert, Naturopath