Interview with Rockwear Activewear

April 22 2017 – Cassandra Hilton

Interview with Rockwear Activewear
Interview with Rockwear Activewear

We interview Activewear Company Rockwear on sustainability, functionality and the growth of the active wear industry. 

What do you think has influenced the demand for "active wear" outside of the gym?

I think what has specifically influenced the demand on activewear outside the gym comes down to the fact the we have seen the athleisure trend over the past few seasons and as a result of this it has made it socially acceptable to wear ‘active wear’ outside the gym. I also think that the we as society are becoming more and more exposed to healthy living. Fitness is not just an hobby anymore it’s a way of life. You’ll find most people in Sydney on the weekend meeting up for walks and then heading to their local café to chat in their activewear, it’s all about the convenience and comfort whilst also looking effortlessly stylish.

How do you balance the performance of materials such as sweat-wicking or quick drying with both fashion and functionality?

The choice to use sweat-wicking or quick drying doesn’t affect the choice of fabric or fashion. It is a treatment that is applied to the garment which makes it easy to merge both fashion and functionality.

How do you ensure your manufacturing processes are congruent with your companies ethos?

Rockwear work to the value for money ethos which is evident in the quality of our products both in make and fabric. We only work with accredited suppliers which ensures we maintain quality standards. The product team also plan regular visits to our factories ensuring the highest quality is being maintained. We also work with mills to ensure all fabrics meets the RW quality standards and all fabrics are checked roll by roll before it can be used in the production of garments. The te 

You have been in business in 1991, how do you maintain creativity and innovation and where do you seek your inspiration from? 

Our product team often head overseas for inspiration to fashion hotspots such as London, New York, L.A & San Francisco.

We often look at key figures in the fitness industry to monitor what styles/prints/colours are trending for the season. We are always sourcing new/innovative exclusive prints through regular meetings with print designers that take inspiration from catwalks and street trends. We also find that WGSN is a great tool for designers bringing worldwide trends to your screen.