Skincare That’s As Active As You Are

May 09 2018 – Cassandra Hilton

Skincare That’s As Active As You Are
Skincare That’s As Active As You Are

One of the biggest misconceptions in natural skincare is the consumer messaging on the avoidance of skincare ingredients that you don’t recognise or simply cant pronounce the names of. Well if that was the approach you were taking then you have just dismissed the majority of active ingredients that are going to do all that hard work for your skin to look healthy!

Active ingredients are the performance ingredients; think antioxidants, enzymes, acids, peptides, amino acids, minerals, ceramides and phospholipids to name a few. Without these, performance based outcomes such as age-defiance; hydration, moisture and skin barrier defence, brightening, pigmentation, collagen production, cell turnover, addressing breakouts or soothing sensitive skin, would not be possible.

Many active ingredients are skin identical, capable of cellular communicating; meaning that they are naturally occurring within the skins matrix and are capable of communicating between skins cells acting like messages to your skin telling it how to behave and respond. 

When looking for performance skincare products, it’s important to select products that have a carefully edited selection of active ingredients and scientific validation that the ingredient is effective on the skin, that it has a defined mechanism of action, and that it produces specific clinical effects with continued topical use.

Our Starter Kits provide you an introduction to our brand’s range of performance led-skincare, with each ritual targeted to the most common skin concerns.


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