2021 clean beauty and natural beauty trends according to a cosmetic chemist

2021 clean beauty and natural beauty trends according to a cosmetic chemist

An increased understanding of the skin’s cellular and molecular biology including gene regulation, protein expression and enzyme activity has evolved the beauty landscape to the emergence of “hybrid” skincare ingredients that levitate the boundaries between traditional cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Advancements in scientific research coupled with the development of biotechnologies has enabled increased understanding on how to interfere with skin cell aging, including the use of biotechnology-derived natural ingredients, known as bio-actives to support healthy skin behavior.

Using uncharacterized plant extracts in natural skincare is no longer appealing to the consumer or acceptable. Plant extracts require a high definition of standardisation and scientifically proven effects. This claim substantiation holds natural ingredients to high standards of scientific validation that ultimately benefit consumers by resulting in the next generation of safer and more efficacious products.

As research and technology advances we will see the emergence of biomimetic skincare, the development of plant cell cultures and genetic profiling for personalized skincare and the use of artificial intelligence technologies that will influence product innovation and revolutionise the beauty industry without exploiting the world’s natural resources of exotic ingredients or the need for animal testing.

Natural ingredient trends will continue in marine ingredients, various plant cell cultures, plant peptides and live probiotics to identify specific applications of biologically intelligent ingredients to benefit healthy skin functioning.

Unfortunately, skincare products are often compromised in formulations through ingredient cost, inadequate concentrations, ineffective formulations, delivery vehicles and product pH, contributing to industry scepticism and the erosion of trust in what is a largely unregulated industry within both natural and mainstream cosmetics. So, where does this leave the consumer who is seeking natural, clean efficacy and a brand that is eco-conscious?

Our hands-on approach ensures that we review and self-regulate each ingredient included in our formulations, ensuring it is audited for biocompatibility to the skin, effective concentrations, safety profile and toxicity. While it is important to consider what is included within the formulation, it is equally as important to ensure contentious ingredients that have been linked to either health concerns or skin sensitivities are removed.

Our philosophy of Intelligent Skincare is to provide women with effective products that deliver on results, without compromising on human health or the health of the planet.

With this exciting field of scientifically-considered natural skincare continuing to expand and grow, there is an array of ground-breaking innovations that can be expected to emerge in the next few years that will continue to revolutionise the beauty industry and influence product innovation.

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