Inner Health for Outer Beauty

December 22 2015 – Cassandra Hilton

Inner Health for Outer Beauty
Inner Health for Outer Beauty

The key to flawless skin is to maintain balance in your life. It is possible to indulge a little in the things you love whilst still nourishing your body, inside & out.

Stay hydrated

The human body is composed of 50 to 75% water, making water vital for the proper functioning of every organ. It is responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, controlling temperature, mental alertness, lubrication of tissues, weight loss and cleansing toxins and waste from our bodies. Our blood is composed of approximately 90% water, our brain 75%, while our skin is 70%, this explains why headaches and dry, tired looking skin are often early indicative signs of dehydration.

In order to stay hydrated it is important to sip fresh, purified water throughout the day. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon, crushed mint or slivers of cucumber is a great way to add a little extra nutritional benefit and flavour. Whilst alcohol consumption tends to peak during the festive season it is important to increase water intake to combat dehydration and maintain plump, radiant skin.

Eat Nourishing Foods

The festive season needn’t be a time of over-indulgence; it is possible to enjoy the foods you love without completely derailing healthy eating habits. Focus on filling your plate with fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, locally caught seafood, organic and free range meats, wholegrains, nuts and seeds and plant based oils. A wholefood diet is most beneficial when combined with eating slowly and mindfully. In doing so you know you are getting all you need nutritionally, this also assists in crowding out holiday snack foods that tend to be eaten for the sake of it and allows you a little space to enjoy the indulgent foods you truly love, guilt-free. What you eat shows in your complexion, particularly for those with problematic skin and ageing skin, by keeping well nourished you can maintain vibrant skin and a youthful appearance.

Get Moving

Additional food intake means more fuel for the body to burn. Physical exercise will assist in burning excess calories, detoxing the body and stabilising energy levels. Studies have shown that even a short brisk walk within 30 minutes of eating will clear excess glucose from the bloodstream, preventing it from being recirculated to the liver or laid down in fat cells leading to weight gain and cellulite. Exercise also plays an important role in skin renewal and detoxification, as we sweat we excrete toxins and increased heart rate promotes blood flow and oxygenation to the surface of the skin stimulating skin renewal and cell turnover.

Keep skin clean & nourished with organic skincare

Don’t let a busy social calendar interfere with your beauty regime. Long days, late nights, over-indulgence and extra sunshine all contribute to dry and tired skin. It is important to continue to cleanse your skin morning and night to create a clean canvas upon which you can layer organic, nutritional skincare products. Apply nourishing serums, oils & creams under make up or alone to ensure you’re feeding your skin with vitamins, essential fatty acids and nutritionals throughout the day and night.

Get your beauty sleep

Among the many reasons we should be getting our 8 hours a night, key skin repair happens while we sleep. During our deepest hours of sleep, the skin produces collagen and growth hormones promoting repair and regeneration of cells. Cortisol levels naturally decline overnight allowing our bodies, and therefore skin, to relax, rest and recover following active function throughout the day. Feeding our skin with organic skincare encourages cell turnover, recovery of water balance and hydration, therefore minimises the appearance of line, puffiness and dark circles.