Anti-Oxidants - Act As Free Radical Defenders Of Your Skin

April 30 2016 – Cassandra Hilton

Anti-Oxidants - Act As Free Radical Defenders Of Your Skin
Anti-Oxidants - Act As Free Radical Defenders Of Your Skin
Containing potent, stable and well-researched antioxidant ingredients, Ocinium products pack a powerful punch of antioxidant protection.
As we age, through each decade of your life the levels of antioxidants rapidly decline at a rate that we simply can not combat against the effects of sun and environment damage, the price of our outdoor lifestyles and polluted environments are declining our natural defense systems, further accelerating the ageing process!
Antioxidants reign supreme when it comes to delivering the most effective anti-ageing ingredients. Antioxidants are more powerful when in increased numbers and are more effective when in combination with other anti-oxidants, regenerating themselves and forming a potent cocktail of skin protection against free-radical damage!
Antioxidants form a strong defence against environmental induced ageing such as solar rays and the effects of free radicals generated in environmental pollution that contribute to photo-damage, wrinkles, dullness and pigmentation. Capable of promoting cellular repair, healing and cellular communication, antioxidants repair and rejuvenate skin, restoring firmness and cellular hydration for a youthful appearance.
When it comes to protecting your skin against free radical damage the most effective and researched anti-oxidants are Vitamins A (Retinol) Vitamin C (ascorbylpalmitate) and Vitamin E (Tocopherols-Natural). The antioxidant lipids of Vitamin A and E work synergistically together to protect against the skins lipid peroxidation; the effects of dryness, roughness, sensitivity and pigmentation therefore maintaining the skins barrier for hydration, suppleness and even tone. Vitamin C is considered the most researched Vitamin for antioxidant protection and is an anti-aging superstar! Promoting brightness, reducing skins pigmentation and increasing collagen production and is a significant anti-oxidant in the fight against wrinkles.
Outside of these biologically active ingredients, efficacious botanical extracts such as green tea and white tea containing epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) a major antioxidant component and the most abundant and biologically active. A rich source of Vitamins C and E for skin, the antioxidant properties of green and white tea assist to reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production and reduce cell damage. Pomegranate extracts contain the polyphenol ellagic acid and Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and potassium. This superfruit is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits collagen depletion and is anti-inflammatory improving the appearance of wrinkled skin.
Note: Vitamin A (retinol) is not suitable for use during pregnancy and can increase sun sensitivity and cause irritation in sensitive skin types. The use of SPF is recommended for daytime use. When commencing products with antioxidants such as Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C, use on alternate days until the skin can adjust to high quality, high dose ingredients.
Key Antioxidant Products:
Elemental Vitamin A + C + E Serum (key antioxidants Vitamin A, C, E)
Luminosity Vitamin C Serum (key antioxidants Vitamin A, C, E)
Green Tea + Ginseng Facial Oil (key antioxidants green tea, white tea and Vitamin E)
Papaya + Pomegranate Facial Oil (key antioxidants pomegranate, papaya and Vitamin E)