Benefits of Organic Skincare

December 17 2015 – Cassandra Hilton

Benefits of Organic Skincare
Benefits of Organic Skincare

In recent years there has been a strong focus on what we put inside our bodies in relation to our health and wellness, however research is now indicating that what we put on our bodies via personal care and cosmetic products significantly contributes to toxic burden within the body also. It is estimated that the average female is exposed to over 200 chemicals a day through the use of skincare products, with 60% of these chemicals being further absorbed into the bloodstream.

Chemicals in cosmetics that were once considered as being safe by the authorities are increasingly being recognised as having long-term detrimental effects at low or even previously untested levels. Without hitting the panic button and until there is a unanimous verdict out on the safety of chemicals in cosmetics aligning yourself to organic and natural ingredients that eliminate exposure to phthalates, parabens, sulphates, nanoparticles, formaldehyde, polyethylene glycol’s (PEG’s), petrochemicals and synthetic substances may be your best bet to reduce potential consequences.

Natural and organic products are designed to work with the bodies natural systems, enhancing them, not masking them. This affinity of organic products to the receptors of our skin comes down to biocompatibility, meaning the skin will derive greater benefit from these natural, active ingredients. By using ingredients that are of nutritional value they actually serve to support the skins process of repairing, rejuvenating and refining itself.

Organic skincare has been shown to exhibit higher levels of key antioxidants and nutrients and lower levels of toxic ingredients that are responsible for skin irritation and allergy, a compelling factor for many. Synthetic chemicals in skincare combined with environmental pollution our skin faces daily can trigger or exacerbate skin sensitivity. The transparency of ingredients is crucial in the development of modern anti-ageing skincare. There is an increase in the consumer awareness of the toxicity of chemicals and preservatives found in many cosmetic products. 

Ocinium products are formulated and micro-batched without the use of synthetic perfumes and are free of the toxicity of commonly included chemicals such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG’s, aluminum, nylon, sulfates, artificial colors, mineral oil, silicones, petrochemicals, sulfates, triclosan, GMOs, urea, PABA, and phthalates, non-food grade alcohol, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, DEA/TEA, propylene glycol, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, genetic modified ingredients and pesticides that are detrimental to our planet and to your health. We believe going organic doesn’t mean you compromise on quality or effectiveness.