Can pollution and blue light effect the skin

May 28 2018 – Cassandra Hilton

Can pollution and blue light effect the skin
Can pollution and blue light effect the skin

Protecting your skin against atmospheric villains is paramount when it comes to maximising your skin’s capacity to achieve a healthy, youthful complexion.

Everyday our skin is exposed to an array of factors that contribute to premature aging, this includes UV rays, infrared radiation, ozone pollution, oxidative stress and more, often resulting in the skin’s matrix becoming compromised. In turn, this can prompt the emergence of an array of unpleasant skin symptoms ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to an increase in unwanted pigmentation and breakouts.

However, with due diligence and care, these skin damaging factors can be recognised and addressed through your skincare routine, along with considered lifestyle habits. 

The number one cause of skin damage is UV exposure, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation. Thankfully, while it is the most significant skin degrader it is also one of the most simple to avoid. By wearing a daily SPF you are not only protecting against the DNA damage of solar rays but also preventing inevitable signs of photo-aging appearing later down the track.

Due to the highly polluted modern environment we live in, the skin’s delicate surface can easily become compromised. Free radicals can penetrate the skin’s surface causing harm to your skin cells and DNA, slowing down collagen production and reducing elasticity. To prevent this, we recommend supporting the skins own immune and antioxidant systems by including as many antioxidants as possible in your skincare routine, as these compounds are more effective in increased numbers and are unparalleled in their ability to neutralise free radicals and prevent them from wrecking havoc on your skin. 

Another emerging skincare villain that may strike fear into the hearts of millennials everywhere is infrared and blue light. That’s right, the light from your phone, tablet and laptop are causing a great deal of damage to your skin. Similar to the way in which UV light interacts with skin, the light emitted by these devices interferes with the skin’s ability to effectively turn over skin. Overexposure can result in a slow down in cellular renewal, causing an increase in textural imperfections and discolouration on the skin’s surface.

You’ll be glad to hear that we’re not advising you throw away your beloved electronics, but instead counteract the effects of your screen time through your skincare. Intelligent ingredients such as niacinamide possess the ability to communicate with the skin on a cellular level, normalising DNA expression and maintaining adequate collagen and elastin production for a glowing skin surface with great clarity and an even tone.

Through understanding the primary environmental causes of skin damage, you can easily fortify your skin’s defence and protect it from harm for a luminous appearance!



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