Benefits of Probiotic Skincare

August 29 2017 – Cassandra Hilton

Benefits of Probiotic Skincare
Benefits of Probiotic Skincare

You’ve probably heard the term probiotic in relation to gut health before but did you know that probiotics are also a highly effective tool in achieving glowing and age defiant skin?

While the use of probiotics in skincare is still a relatively new field of research, the results indicate that the inclusion of probiotic ingredients in skincare are beneficial in all skin types to achieve healthy, balanced and radiant skin. Probiotics assist a multitude of skin concerns including acne, rosacea, inflammation and premature aging.

When applied directly to the skin, probiotics act as a protective shield and trigger the production of natural moisturisers, increasing hydration and improving the skin’s barrier function against environmental stressors, benefitting dry and sensitive skin types.

Probiotics in skincare reduce the skin’s pH and increase skin hydration and elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Probiotic bacteria are fermented to produce acidic compounds, such as lactic acid that reduce the pH of the skin and discourage the growth of bacteria associated with acne.

However, thankfully there’s no need to rush off and slather yourself in a probiotic capsule in the name of beauty. Our Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse is an indulgent way to reap the benefits of probiotics in your skincare routine. Brimming with intelligent ingredients and harnessing the benefits of natural AHA fruit acids, Ecdysis purifies the skin and increases cellular renewal.

We recommend starting your day with Ecdysis to effectively cleanse away surface impurities and provide a clear pathway for the delivery of bioactive and age-defying ingredients.

By including probiotic ingredients in your skincare routine, you can help your skin renew and rejuvenate, reducing damage caused by UV radiation, exposure to pollution and other environmental triggers. Along with this, probiotics speed up cell turnover, resulting in a brighter, more refined complexion.

Have you ever tried adding probiotic ingredients into your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments!

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