The Clarity Collection


  • Product Description

      Protective formulations that enhance the skins clarity, promoting resilience, nurturing inflammation, redness, oily skin and blemishes. This routine combines clarifying repair and hydration to normalise the skins behaviour and promote healthy skin.

      A unique cleanse with alpha hydroxy acids, probiotics and papaya enzymes remove impurities and recalibrate the skins pH and optimise healthy skin microbiome. 

      Niacinamide helps skin produce ceramides to improve barrier function and hydration, increases collagen production to help with the appearance of fine lines and pores, inhibits excess sebum production, regulating oil production, it's also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects (particularly beneficial for those with acne and rosacea), and is a powerful antioxidant.

      Retinol, the gold standard in anti-ageing, purifying, sebum normalising and helping to banish imperfections. Aside from being an effective antioxidant, Vitamin A is essential for collagen synthesis and production. For acne suffers, Retinol helps to regulate or normalise cell turn over to a healthy rate. Retinol also helps to normalise sebum production by reducing over-active sebaceous glands. So great for excessively oily skins. This regulation of oil production also helps to correct any secondary skin concerns such as acne or rosacea.

      Vitamin C is lauded for its potent antioxidant properties and ability to neutralise free radicals before they can cause damage. And like niacinamide, it also has anti-aging effects. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and decreases the production of pigment to help lighten dark spots. 

      Polyphenolic compounds known as catechins in Green tea extract, are a powerful anti-ageing antioxidant. They are responsible for the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of green tea that hinder the skins free radical damage from chemical and UV attack.

      Ginseng promotes a stimulating action to increase skin microcirculation, improving the tension, tonicity and the firmness of the skin. Ginseng delivers the optimum effects of circulation, respiration, and oxygenation to maintain healthy skin. 

  • Ingredients

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  • How to Use

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  • Sustainability & Recycling

      Every Ocinium product has been designed with the intention of being recyclable. We believe the future of beauty is where brands take ownership for what happens to their packaging at the end of its life, and that we should all aspire to a truly circular and regenerative model.

      Ocinium unique formulations with skin identical ingredients are UV protected in miron violet glass that is recyclable. If you are not ready to dispose of your cosmetic bottle into recycling it can be washed and rinsed or placed into the dishwasher then up-cycled into a vase (30ml & 50ml), incense holder (15ml, 30ml & 50ml) or candle holder (100ml).

      Ocinium box packaging is fine watercolour art-paper stock from FSC certified environmentally responsible paper from virgin fibres. We print on our cosmetic boxes using mineral, oil free, vegetable (soy) based inks and our paper stock is uncoated. Our logo is embellished with recyclable black foil. The glue used in construction of our cosmetic box packaging is biodegrade. Our box is 100% recyclable cosmetic packaging in Australia with no chemical coatings, which means our boxes will degrade naturally.

      Ocinium mailers are home compostable in your compost or green organics waste/compost bin. Unlike traditional shipping mailers, these are NOT made from plastic. Our mailers are made from mostly plant-based materials such as PLA and a certified compostable material called PBAT. Once composted properly, the mailers will start to break down and turn into amazing fertiliser for the garden. This takes about 90-120 days (3-4 months). Our mailers also have a re-usable strip. When you receive your mailer, you should cut along the line on the flap and re-use it with the second adhesive (glue) strip.

      Ocinium cosmetic bottles closures, pumps and caps are made from recyclable polypropylene (PP), dip tubes are composed of polypropylene/polyurethane (PP/PE), glass droppers are composed of glass and teat on droppers is composed of TPE. Please check with your individual local council municipality on recyclable collections.