Intelligent Skincare ®

Next generation products that are results driven and science-led using the latest technology, without and compromise to the quality and purity of ingredients

Intelligent Skincare ® caring for your skin with natural conscious ingredients and scientifically backed actives. Luxurious. Ethical. Effective. Ocinium's range of eco-luxe skincare combines the very best of scientifically backed clinical actives with certified organic and natural ingredients to create luxurious, ethical and effective skincare.

The long term health of your skin is always our priority. What we leave out of our formulations is just as important as what we include. All Ocinium products are free from; Parabens Silicones PEG's SLS and other sodium sulphates Phthalates Synthetic fragrances Artificial colours Talc Dimethicone Propylene glycol Ocinium is accredited with Choose Cruelty Free Australia, Vegan Organisation Australia and Australian Made

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