Skin Identical Ingredients For Maximum Effectiveness

November 13 2017 – Cassandra Hilton

Skin Identical Ingredients For Maximum Effectiveness
Skin Identical Ingredients For Maximum Effectiveness

When it comes to achieving a flawless, smooth skin surface, understanding your skin’s natural processes and discerning how to manipulate them with skin identical ingredients is the key to ageless beauty.

Skin identical ingredients occur naturally within the skin’s structure and are therefore recognised enabling the skin to function optimally. They mimic the skin’s composition or provide the skin with all the necessary building blocks required for barrier protection, regeneration and cell repair. Fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramides are just a few examples of these ingredients.

Your skin has specific needs based on the time of day, this is known as circadian rhythms. Frequently it is the night time rituals that are neglected, but these are perhaps one of the most productive periods for cellular repair.

At night the skin’s rhythm moves into repair mode with the 'mopping up' of the day’s environmental insults. This is an important first step in the renewal process where the activity of growth hormone & fibroblast is increased, boosting collagen synthesis and promoting cellular renewal. However, as we get older our skin’s production of these vital proteins decreases, causing the emergence of wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

The layering of products with intelligent ingredients while you sleep, is an important way of delivering active ingredients that are not impacted by daytime interference enabling fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin and anti-aging enzymes to perform crucial DNA repair. We like to think of this as active beauty sleep.

Antioxidants are undoubtedly one of the most researched group of cosmetic ingredients against aging. The skin contains a natural antioxidant reservoir that is depleted through daily living and declines as we age. Free radical damage is a primary cause of aging and antioxidants play a crucial role in preventing and repairing the destructive path of free radicals that destroy everything from cells, proteins, lipids and DNA.

Elemental A+C+E Serum provides skin identical antioxidants to multi-task in age-defiance and antioxidant defence. When combined together these antioxidant allies provide synergistic protection against oxidative stress to leave skin deeply hydrated, smooth and plump with increased firmness and elasticity while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

During the day, it is important to provide your skin with the means to fortify itself against environmental stresses. Your skin is consistently responding to high levels of exhaust fumes, smoke and UV damage and depleting crucial antioxidant reserves while activating the skins immune response to environmental insults.

Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream is our most advanced formulation of antioxidants and active ingredients identified for their benefits in age-defiance. If there was a wish list of intelligent ingredients for ageless beauty, you have just found them within this single product – retinol, vitamin c, vitamin e, niacinamide, panthenol, green tea, gotu kola, ginseng, kelp, to name just a few! Delve into our full ingredient list here.

By supporting your skin with potent intelligent ingredients and powerful bio-actives, you can effortlessly ensure that you enjoy a flawless complexion and control your skin’s ability to repair damage and defend itself against environmental tensions for an age-defiant complexion.