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Ocinium Skincare combines cosmetic chemistry with a deep understanding of natural and organic ingredients to create a unique fusion of cosmeceutical actives, efficacious botanical extracts and pure essential oils in scientific formulations to inspire ageless beauty. 

Cosmeceuticals are a hybrid of the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical” which eludes to their scientific origin. Cosmeceuticals are a hybrid of the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical” which eludes to their scientific origin. They contain high concentrations of active ingredients with the potential to bring about gradual visible improvements in the skin with continued use. They are backed by clinical studies for benefits in skin care.

Organic ingredient's within the Ocinium Skincare Range have been meticulously researched for their suitability in organic formulation, ingredient safety and performance, making them suitable for all skin types. 

The transparency and safety of ingredients is of paramount importance to Ocinum Skincare and it is why we are meticulous about ingredient selection, sourcing natures most powerful organic ingredients that are transparent in sustainable technology and are non-toxic. 

We have chosen to exclude ingredients that are not within our companies’ ethos of organic and these include synthetic chemicals, fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals and parabens.

Ocinium products or the ingredients within our formulations are not tested on animals at any stage of product research or development. We prefer to test our products on real human subjects! With the exception of the inclusion of bee's wax in our Luxe Lip Balm, all ingredients are vegan friendly. 

Ocinium is committed to environmental sustainability and eco-consciousness. We exercise our commitments through carefully selecting organic, biodynamic, wild-crafted and naturally active anti-aging ingredients. Each ingredient, the supplied source and the processing of that ingredient is independently researched for suitability in formulation and the purity and effectiveness of our ingredients are protected through a precise standard ensuring their potency and authenticity. 

Ocinium has a minimalist approach to packaging and has removed external box packages, preferring to hand wrap each product in recyclable tissue paper. We have also implemented waterless and paperless printing processes onto recyclable biophotonic glass, creating a unique screen print label for each product. All products are created in house and micro-batched to ensure each and every step is controlled and monitored. We make every endeavour not to upset the balance of the natural environment when manufacturing, distributing and selling our products and continue to monitor our manufacturing processes. 

All Ocinium products are timelessly preserved and packaged in recyclable Biophotonic Violet glass. Biophotonic technology employs the penetration of UV-A and violet light to stimulate cellular activity and continue to activate and energise the ingredients while filtering out the damaging rays of sun light. This maintains the potency of our formulations at a high level over an extended period of time.

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